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The best distributors and installers will be offered unbelievable prices on the best glass hardware products offered anywhere in the world. As we are aware that even with the world's best system you need distributors and installers with the same passion for excellence that we have, and to have our products designed and installed in the best possible way.
We can offer the complete package including stainless steel, glass, gate, hardware and aluminium for all aspects of glass fencing and balustrade and can supply everything you need for the complete project from our local and overseas factories.


Send through the details of your project and we can quote on supply of all the best materials.




Q. How strong is frameless glass?

A. It is very strong; toughened safety glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal float glass.


Q. Are there different grades of stainless steel?

A. Yes, 316 marine grade is recognised as marine grade and is the minimum we would recommend although we prefer to use 2205 duplex stainless steel which has much better corrosion resistance than even 316.


Q. When should I use duplex 2205?

A. Whenever you are building in close proximity to the coast; normally within 1 km or within 2 metres of a salt or chlorine pool.


Q. Does it matter if I use satin or mirror finish?

A. Mirror finish gives the best corrosion resistance, other than that it is personal taste.


Q. What is the best type of gate?

A. The hydraulic 2 speed soft close gate is the best. Doesn't bang, is safe and looks great.


Q. Can the fittings be used for curved glass?

A. Yes, the unique adjustment systems means they are perfect for curves.




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