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The installation process is very simple and clean, compared to many building processes. It is simply drilling holes and installing the clamps or the posts into the concrete to support the glass. Other than hosing off tiled areas after core-drilling, it is a very clean and mess-free process.

It can almost be no fence in the morning, finished fence in the afternoon - depending on your site, size of the installation and the weather.

Frameless Glass


The installation of Frameless Glass using our patented system is designed to be very simple and adjustable, which all good systems should be. For concrete based installations holes are core-drilled into the finished site, the clamps are attached to the glass and bolted using 2 bolts through the glass for extra support. After the decorative cover plates are fitted, the clamps are lowered into the holes and the glass is leveled into position and supported. This process is continued until all panels are installed, correctly leveled and in position before a high strength fast setting epoxy locks the clamps into position. Our unique adjustment system then allows any variations in the glass to be adjusted to give a perfect result every time.


Semi Frameless Glass


The installation of Semi Frameless Glass is also a very simple process: For concrete based installations; holes are core-drilled and specially designed glazing posts installed and grouted into place. Once the grout has cured, a small matching aluminium infill is fitted into the glazing post to support the glass and our uniquely designed packing block is clipped into the glazing posts. The slightly raised cover plate is fitted, after which, the glass is engaged into the posts up to 18 mm each side, as required. Once the glass has been leveled with our height-adjusted packers, a glazing rubber is locked into the post on each side of the glass to firmly hold the glass. Our adjustable cap is fitting to ensure that the everything is level and perfect.




Gates are simply attached to the specially designed hinge and latch sheets, and attached with marine grade stainless steel screws.





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