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DIY is an emerging trend which is due to the well-designed, simple nature of the product. You don't have to be particularly handy to install our systems yourself. To make it even easier, we can assist with the glass panel length designs, and supply every thing – including the glass and the epoxy. All you need, is to get some holes drilled (our plan will tell you where), you can hire a core drill, or a core hole company can drill them for you.
It is so simple and it looks so good, people will be amazed that you did it yourself (you don't have to tell them how easy it really was)!
The savings are huge – up to 50% on most sites, so now you can have the best at a budget price.




Q. Can we help with a design and layout plan?

A. Yes, we even have a computer program that calculates all the sheets.


Q. Can I use standard sheets to save money?

A. Yes, we can offer standard sheets in most states and you can save up to 50%.


Q. Will the core drilling damage my tiles?

A. Core drilling should not damage tiles as long as care is taken when removing the spinning core from the hole. In addition, you should always wash the surrounding area as soon as you core, particularly on hot days.


Q. How many frameless clamps do I need to use?

A. Generally, two clamps per sheet. If for aesthetic reasons an extra long sheet is required, extra clamps are installed to it.


Q. Can you cut your feet on the cover plates?

A. Our clamp cover plates are raised and have curved edges to ensure bare feet are safe.




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