frameless glass fencing

Frameless fencing is the ultimate in fencing systems. While providing safety, strength and security it simultaneously offers style, spaciousness and
long-lasting quality.

Our stainless steel clamps and frameless glass are the only thing to do justice to a great pool and great view.

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Welcome to Frameless Glass Fencing Systems Quality glass pool fencing & balustrade solutions


Our Mission


Frameless Glass Fencing Systems was created to bring to the world a new concept in glass balustrade and fencing hardware systems. It will strive to be the innovator and leader in this field in developing new and better products.


It will maintain an ongoing R&D program, not only improving and developing new products, but also through ongoing development of new and innovative materials to improve strength and quality of the its market sector. Only being the best in its market will be acceptable and every part of the FGFS team will be required to have a total commitment to quality, reliability and innovation.


International Patents

Australian Application Number – 2003227100
PCT Number – PCT/AU03/00482
WIPO Number – WO2003/091516

Australia – Patent Number 2003227100
USA – Patent application Number 10/512121
New Zealand – Patent Number 536717
PCT Number – PCT/AU03/00482
WIPO Number – WO 03/091516 A1

Duplex 2205





Next Generation in Stainless Steel


Duplex 2205 stainless steel is much superior to 316 marine grade in strength and corrosion resistance and is a real necessity in corrosive enviroments such as with in 1km of the ocean and where the fence is within 2 metres of a salt or chlorine pool. Duplex 2205 is used generally on only the best luxury yachts as the price has always been considerably higher than 316 marine grade.


Now due to our intelligent design by using the additional 50% strength offered by duplex 2205 we have been able to reduce the weight of the fittings and due to our great buying power and offshore manufacturing we are now able to offer these products at all most the same price as 316 and 2205 offers much superior resistance to tarnishing definitely a necessity for quality homes.


Duplex 2205 fittings moves us to a level above everybody else. Over 2 years of research and development has gone into the new range of product which will be the future of frameless glass.